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FAQs for Students

When is the best time to start?

Now!  You can never start too early on planning.  The more time you have, the more organized you can be, and give enough thought to making a list and writing an essay.  August is a good time for seniors and February for juniors.  However, we can begin at whatever point in the process you find you need help. 

I have a guidance counselor already, so how does this work?

The problem in many public high schools is that a guidance counselor does not have the time and flexibility to give full attention to every student's needs. Through our regular meetings, email, and phone conversations, you will have a more personalized experience through the complicated college process. You will continue to coordinate with your high school counselor in terms of sending out applications and requesting letters of recommendation (most likely through Naviance).

Are these services just for seniors?  What if I am younger?

As a sophomore or junior, you have an even better start because of the preparation we can accomplish in drafting a comprehensive list of prospective colleges,building your resume, studying for the SAT,and planning courses. The most successful counseling strategy starts early and continues through twelfth grade.

How much does it cost?

I believe that simplifying the process will save you time and money in the long run.  You can choose between a comprehensive or "Build your own" package, depending on what services you need. Please contact me for a schedule of rates.

Depending on the person, each face-to-face meeting will take 45 to 90 minutes. We will most likely talk on the phone, message and email in between. There are certain times of year where the meetings will be more frequent, and then other times when we don't meet. We will work around your other commitments but the college process should be seen as another extracurricular activity, so it's important not to become overloaded. 


My goal is that the process is streamlined. Through our meetings, you will actually spend less time on the college process than you would by yourself, thereby saving time.

I have a busy schedule. 
How long is each meeting?
What is the parents' role?

We will find a convenient location.  If skyping is more convenient for you, we can also do that.

Where do we meet?

While most of my meetings will be with you, it is important to have your parents involved so we are all working together towards the same goal. I can offer ways that parents can support you, while also empowering your choices and decisions.


Just as there are emotional issues for someone applying to college, parents also may find this process stressful.  My belief is that as a coach and counselor, I can help minimize worries and anxieties.

Start here!
How do I get started?

It's a simple as filling out the form to the right and we can arrange a meeting with you and your parents.

Have another question?

Send me a message!  I may even include

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