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"you must be the change you wish to see

in the world."


If you are currently  in another part of the world and want to study in the United States or Canada, I can help you realize your dream.  There are some amazing options across both countries to choose from!  Through our frequent discussions on Skype and email, I will help you develop of great list of colleges and work alongside you with the essays and applications.  If you are not a US citizen, I can also advise on the F-1 visa process.


If you live in the US and yearn to live and study abroad (for more than just a semester), there are many exciting and academically rigorous options in Canada, UK, Europe, and the Middle East.  I have knowledge and experience with a wide range of opportunities and can help you find a perfect fit.

Visiting Boston?

My College Plan is based in the Boston area, where we could set up a face-to-face meeting.  I can also plan and coordinate your time here to include college visits and interviews. 

Gap year?

If you are thinking about a break in your studies, let's talk about how to make that a meaningful use of your time through voluteering in another part of the world.  We'll also cover how to transition back into college. If you are not sure whether a gap year is for you, check out this article 

Where in the world?

Whether you are in US and want to go overseas, or elsewhere and want to come here, the possibilities are endless.  I understand this, having lived in four countries and traveled extensively in more than 35. If this is your dream, I want to help you realize it!


I was fortunate enough to work with Ms. Sears for about two years.  She was an ever-present source of information, wisdom, and guidance. I would highly recommend her as a college and career counselor to anyone looking to end up in the right place.

Sanjeet Sahni,

Carnegie Mellon University


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