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College counseling

My core belief is to meet young people where they are at in any part of the college process and build from there.  Each student’s plan is specifically tailored to address his or her unique needs and expectations.  I will assess each student carefully and keep him or her on the right track throughout the admissions process.

Services for juniors, seniors, and transfer students include:
Support to...wih

Decrease your overall anxiety by making the process more manageable.


Prepare, organize, and complete tasks ahead of deadlines.


Develop a comprehensive and realistic list of colleges that are a good fit, where you can thrive and grow.


Create a successful art, music, writing, or sport portfolio.

Review of...

Applications and scholarship opportunities.


Transcripts and course selections.


Preparation to...
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Put forward your best self in an interview.


Create holistic resumes.


Write meaningful essays that showcase your individuality and creativity.


Make the most of your college visits.


Empowerment to...
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Take charge of the college process, while learning to make  important life decisions.


Learn valuable stress reduction techniques




Email and phone support is available in addition to regular meetings. 


Emergency deadline services are offered.  If you are within two weeks of an application deadline, contact me!





Personalized short-term sessions


The Perfect List: Support in Building a College List


Service includes a thirty minute pre-consultation and ninety minute counseling session.

  • Discuss important factors to consider when selecting a college

  • Develop priorities for college selection

  • Gain exposure to a wide range of colleges that correspond with the student’s academic profile

The student will receive:

  • An individualized list of colleges that match the student’s needs, abilities, interests, and desires

  • A list of specific next steps




Please contact me for a schedule of rates







Demystifying Admissions: An Overview course for families or small groups


Based on the personalized needs of the student(s), clients can choose from the following list of topics to be covered in a ninety-minute information session. 

  • Where to start your research on colleges

  • College checklists

  • Scholarship and financial aid information

  • How to be a competitive applicant

  • Creating a portfolio

  • Creating a resume

  • College interviews

  • Questions to ask when visiting a college

  • Mapping out a plan for the freshman or sophomore student




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