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About me

Educational consultant, college counseling

Stephanie Sears, MSW

Licensed School Counselor

I have been working with young people for over thirty years, and have been on both sides of the admissions process: as a college admissions officer, a high school counselor, and college consultant.  Earlier in my career, I practiced clinical social work. I enjoy helping young people find their passions and place in the world. 


Through my time abroad and working in high-achieving local high schools, I have a thorough knowledge of selective, competitive, and interesting colleges  and universities throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East. I am in contact with college admissions staff and stay current with admissions trends.


Although Massachusetts  has been home for more than twenty years, I have also lived and worked in southern California, Namibia, Botswana, and Kuwait.


I meet primarily with students on the South Shore and effectively work remotely with young people across the country and around the world.

"Addressing the emotional needs of college applicants"

Presentation given at the Council of International Schools annual conference, Monaco, November 2012

It was an honor to present to my colleagues what I feel is often overlooked in high schools.  Because guidance counselors are overloaded with students and other demands, sometimes the senior year is seen as nothing more than a series of deadlines for students to hand in assignments, essays, and applications. But for the senior, it is a rollercoaster of a year filled with excitement, disappointment, anxiety, and relief.


I believe it's important to address these issues individually with each student so that the final year of high school is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. Strategies that I have found useful in working with students include: time management, decision making, problem solving, organization, and talking through the anxiety which can sometimes be crippling.


Stephanie Sears is a supremely confident and capable individual who commands respect with a quiet grace and inner strength.


Stephanie is one of the most ethical, intelligent, professional, competent people I have ever worked with...One of her most impressive skills is her ability to communicate effectively with youth, family and staff about delicate issues. 





Joe Johnson, Former colleague

Linda Newell, LCSW

Former supervisor

Stephanie skillfully and quietly walks with each student, through a problem or process, offering encouragement and supportive accountability; so that students gain skills, almost without knowing that this phenomenon is taking place. Stephanie’s goal for her students is independence and she is masterful at moving students through this often difficult and emotional journey.


Susan Strong, Former principal



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